John Nicholas, or JN, has lived in five countries around the world and travelled through more than 50. Not surprisingly, he calls himself AN ADVENTURER and this website in yet another destination on a long journey TO DISCOVER WHO WE REALLY ARE. One thing for sure - we aren’t who we think we are at all.

Born into an unconventional family in ENGLAND, one of JN’s earliest memories involved a LOST CAT and his mother CREATING A PENDULUM by tying one of the hairs from her head to her wedding ring. By swinging the pendulum over a map of the area near where they lived, his mother was able to quickly locate the lost animal. But THAT WAS NORMAL according to JN: “That’s just how we found lost things.”

His brother would appear in two different places at the same time - that’s called BILOCATION - and JN himself found out that he could easily read cards, palms and “just about everything”. He had inherited this PSYCHIC ABILITY from his mother. A PARANORMAL CHILDHOOD.

JN “hated” school: “A place where I was taught the wrong things in the wrong way - I wanted to be INSPIRED and EXCITED, not totally BORED……it was like PRISON to me.” Albert Einstein, the famous scientist, and JN’s guru, put it this way: “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”

Escaping to ART COLLEGE, he then went on to the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS in South East Asia where he studied METAPHYSICS under the well-respected teacher JAIME BULATAO and learnt, among other “unusual” things, ASTRAL TRAVEL, REGRESSION (past lives), MEDITATION and HEALING - not just the body, but also the “MIND”, he says.

In FRANCE he studied EASTERN PHILOSOPHY and the world’s OLDEST BOOK: the I CHING. The I CHING answered questions and JN was fascinated how it could do this just by throwing three coins and allowing them to fall AT RANDOM. How could “random” answer questions? Obviously random WASN’T RANDOM in any way at all: “I discovered that there is an INTELLIGENT ENERGY at work and it actually INFLUENCES THE WAY THE COINS FALL.” .