The HISTORY OF THE I CHING goes back 5,000 in history to a time in ANCIENT CHINA of DRAGONS, feuding WARLORDS and where the SUPERNATURAL wasn’t “super” at all, just NATURAL.

Starting out as a SYSTEM OF DIVINATION - it could ANSWER QUESTIONS - the I CHING gradually developed into a MAJOR BOOK OF PHILOSOPHY that seemed to have MAGIC POWERS: it had the ability to “KNOW YOU” better than you knew yourself and that was kind’ve SCARY to some people: “How can a book “UNDERSTAND ME?”

The great Chinese philosopher CONFUCIUS was fascinated by the I CHING and then, thousands of years later, STEVE JOBS, the TECHNO GURU behind APPLE, decided to cut classes for one year JUST TO STUDY IT. JOBS were completing a DIGITAL LINK with the past that started back in the 17th CENTURY when GOTFRIED LEIBNIZ laid down the foundations for the development for the BINARY SYSTEM. He did this based on his study of the system used by the I CHING to GENERATE ANSWERS. Forward to the 20th CENTURY and the great mathematician JOHN VON NEWMANN, who also studied the I CHING, used the binary system to CREATE THE DIGITAL COMPUTER. Interesting……….obviously the I CHING is far more than just a simple BOOK OF ANSWERS - MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

Our ancestors knew nothing of their ORIGINS when they looked up into the night sky over the land that we now call NORTH EAST AFRICA. For all they knew, the STARS WERE JUST GIANT FIREFLIES or some other MAGICAL CREATURES that could illuminate the sky at night. But he was more concerned with STAYING ALIVE than gazing at the night sky. Life was HARD back then: a never ending search for FOOD and then somewhere SAFE TO SPEND THE NIGHT away from prowling LEOPARDS, LIONS AND TIGERS that looked upon man as a TASTY SNACK.

Life was DANGEROUS, but man’s surroundings were SPECTACULAR and the fertile land produced a profusion of fruits, nuts and wild vegetables. THICK FORESTS - home to large flocks of wildly colored birds - gradually gave way to lush valleys and then huge expanses of grassy flatlands where game grazed as far as man could see…… and then much further to TOWERING MOUNTAINS and the GREAT MYSTERIES that lay beyond them. Rivers flowed down from those distant mountains and eventually into GIGANTIC LAKES which seemed to have no end at all - a magical GARDEN OF EDEN.

There were no SOUNDS OF CIVILIZATION then - no light at night except for the stars and MOON. No fire to frighten away the PREDATORS that prowled in search of food. Perhaps, in a brief flash, lightning would flash across the horizon, but the darkness was absolute and in this environment small groups of our ancestors huddled together for protection and waited for the sun to FREE THEM FROM THE NIGHT.

Early man was almost totally DEFENSELESS in those early days of our species on EARTH and looked for whatever help he might get from THE POWERFUL FORCES of NATURE that ruled his life: THE SUN, MOON, WIND and the VIOLENT STORMS that would often sweep across the land causing FLOODS and CREATING CHAOS in their wake. The power that made these things happen was IMMENSE and man was just a footprint upon the earth THAT QUICKLY WASHED AWAY.

But Nature also had an ORDER that allowed the SUN to rise each morning, the MOON to mysteriously change shape each night and the rain to feed the land. And it seemed obvious that some INTELLIGENT ENERGY was in control - somehow ALIVE - and man therefore RESPECTED the DIFFERENT FORCES hoping for a favorable response from them. These various forces would INTERACT in different combinations: sometimes in VIOLENT ARGUMENTS that sent man running for shelter, but at other times creating the right conditions for an abundance of food.

Early man’s dialog with the different elements of NATURE was called ANIMISM. It was a simple understanding. As an example: a lake is CALM and STILL with DEEP WATERS and can be represented as FEMININE and APPROACHABLE. The water reflects an image of a MOUNTAIN of SOLID STRENGTH and is represented as MASCULINE. But if we then introduce THE WIND, it is often CHANGEABLE, UNPREDICTABLE, even DEVIOUS and the waters of the lake then become DISTURBED - the reflection of the mountain DISTORTED. In this way the different elements COMBINE and INTERACT to create DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES. By observing these CHANGES, early man therefore created an understanding of how the INTELLIGENT FORCE OF NATURE ruled his world.

This “UNDERSTANDING” was carried forward through the generations in our DNA and it is the same FORCES OF NATURE that provided the foundations for a system of PREDICTION or DIVINATION that was created some 5,000 years ago in Ancient CHINA by the legendry emperor Fu Xi…that’s 3,000 years before THE BIRTH OF CHRIST. It was said at the time that FU XI was SUPERNATURALLY INSPIRED, but who knows……what IS known though is that the system he created “WORKED” and could answer people’s questions. Not surprisingly it quickly WENT VIRAL.

The idea behind Fu Xi’s system - the I CHING - was simple: that everything that happens to us in life is the result of two INTERACTING FORCES named YIN and YANG. Yin was seen as SUBMISSIVE, feminine, fertile and of the EARTH, while Yang was CREATIVE, dominant, masculine and of HEAVEN. These two symbols were OPPOSITES but were continually INERACTING in different ways and therefore CREATING DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES.YIN was represented by a BROKEN LINE and YANG with an UNBROKEN one.

In the very early days these two lines could only answer “YES” or “NO” but FU XI added the different aspects of Yin and Yang that EARLY MAN had recognized hundreds of thousands of years earlier in Africa: HEAVEN, EARTH, WIND, LAKE, WATER, FIRE, THUNDER and MOUNTAIN. The I CHING quickly became more advanced.

What happened then is anybody’s guess - the HISTORY hidden in the MISTS OF TIME - but just over 1,000 years before the birth of CHRIST, KING WEN came into the picture and added his wisdom to the system, creating an even more SOPHISTICATED VERSION that consisted of the 64 different HEXAGRAMS (arrangements of lines) that are still used today. Later, his son, the DUKE OF ZHOU, added content that increased the I CHING’S ability to really ZERO IN on a particular question and give an answer that could easily MAKE YOUR HAIR STAND ON END. It was always the same reaction: “How could a book possible KNOW ALL ABOUT ME?” SOME WEIRD MAGIC…….

The great philosopher CONFUCIUS (who didn’t really say anything about church pews) said that if he had another fifty years to live then he’d DO NOTHING BUT STUDY THE I CHING. What WAS it about this book? And it nearly didn’t survive because around 220BC a TYRANT named CH’IN SHIH HUANG TI tried to burn all books. Luckily it DID survive though and became even MORE successful than it had been before. SO SUCCESSFUL that you could compare it with ASTROLOGY TODAY where so many people can’t even LIVE PROPERLY without consulting the “STARS”………but look at how CRAZY this STAR GAZING INDUSTRY gets sometimes………And that’s what happened to the I CHING as well - it started to become like a CARNIVAL SIDESHOW……step right up and DISCOVER YOUR INCREDIBLE FUTURE LADIES AND GENTS - IT’S “MAGIC”.

A young guy named WANG PI eventually came to the rescue in the 3rd century AD and revised the I CHING in such a way that it again became a SERIOUS book that COULD NOT ONLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE, but also allowed you to BETTER UNDERSTAND YOURSELF.

The only problem with the I CHING though - at least as far as we are concerned TODAY - is that we’re talking about the OLDEST BOOK IN THE WORLD HERE and look at how much the world has changed in just the last HUNDRED YEARS! At the time the I CHING was created things were SO DIFFERENT that the world could have been A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLANET.

In times of UNCERTAINTY, WORRY, STRESS or FEAR we need CLEAR ANSWERS but if we’re told that THERE IS DISTANT THUNDER IN THE MOUNTAINS, that DRAGONS are fighting in the meadow or that a visitor is wearing SCARLET SLIPPERS then that’s a BIT CONFUSING….OK, VERY confusing. Is that a GOOD answer or a BAD one? Who really knows.

We live in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLD TODAY: fast paced, technological and a bit CRAZY and we often feel totally LOST and desperately NEED answers. Life SOMETIMES SUCKS. This website gives you those answers and it does that IN A WAY THAT YOU CAN EASILY UNDERSTAND. The roots go back 5,000 years, but the WORDS are of TODAY. Like WANG PI in the 3rd Century, JOHN NICHOLAS has completely revised the I CHING, a process that took 25 YEARS and it WORKS………the “MAGIC” is still there, but so is the WISDOM and you need that in a CRAZY WORLD.