It sometimes seems a BIT WEIRD when an answer is so accurate…like HOW could the website create the answer just because you threw some coins? MAGIC? Sure, sounds good, but that’s the wrong answer….OK, it’s sort of the RIGHT answer, because it IS magic: just a DIFFERENT KIND OF MAGIC that comes from INSIDE YOU.

It’s like there’s SOMEONE ELSE in the room that’s TALKING TO YOU - giving you the answers to your questions and THAT CAN BE SPOOKY. But that’s what IS happening though and that other person is YOU……..it’s your OTHER YOU that is just waiting for you to CONNECT. It’s like STEVE JOBS said: “Listen to your INNER VOICE.”

This other you is WISER, more OBJECTIVE and able to SEE THROUGH THE FOG that often hides so much stuff in your everyday life. And it’s POWERFUL………….the answer you got was the result of your THROWING COINS in a completely RANDOM WAY. But if the answer WASN’T RANDOM IN ANY WAY, then what happened? Obviously random WASN’T random - the way the coins fell was DIRECTED. Did YOU do that? YES…. not the you that’s reading this though, but YOUR GREATER YOU.

This website acts like a MESSENGER between you and your GREATER YOU. Imagine that you had an OLDER, WISER BROTHER (or sister) that you can go to when you need GOOD ADVICE. And then, each time you get an answer that makes you think: WOW, that’s AMAZING, you begin to understand WHO YOU REALLY ARE a bit better, and for sure you aren’t WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE. We wear masks that we HIDE BEHIND and they aren’t the REAL US at all - just an IMAGE or PRETEND PERSON that we show the world. Do you understand?

Look around you in the world…..not so good right? So much PAIN, GREED and POVERTY -people FIGHTING, so much CONFUSION, POLLUTION and MADNESS and YOU are a part of that - you’re connected. You can say: NO, this isn’t the way I live my life, but it’s no good being one of the best apples in the barrel if so many are rotting. We NEED answers - the WORLD needs answers - and we need them from a source WE CAN TRUST. But understand that those answers are sometimes TOUGH - they have to be.