This website ISN’T A GAME and it won’t give you answers if you’re JUST PLAYING AROUND and not SERIOUS, so if you’re just trying to TEST IT by asking questions that you know the answer to IT WILL REFUSE TO WORK PROPERLY. You’ve got to understand that. You’ve got to NEED to know the answer because the ANSWER IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. If YOU are serious then the WEBSITE will be serious -choice is yours.

You need to know what kind of answers to expect - for one thing this website CAN’T give you the WINNING NUMBERS TO THE LOTTO, but it CAN tell you about your chances of SUCCESS in life: that a particular time is VERY POSITIVE or that there is a lot of NEGATIVE ENERGY swirling around you and it’s then best TO LAY LOW for the time being. An example: a WEATHER FORECAST can’t tell you that you’ll definitely get wet because it’s going to RAIN HEAVILY but it can WARN YOU TO TAKE PRECAUTIONS - if you then IGNORE those precautions…….YOU GET VERY WET. That’s what this website does: it EXPLAINS THE CONDITIONS surrounding your questions and then it’s up to you if you want to listen or not.

Some of the answers you will get are VERY DIRECT - kind of HARD HITTING - but it’s important to understand that none of the answers are BAD as you’ll always be led to a BETTER UNDERSTANDING of what’s going on in your life. Sure, things may SUCK…like really BAD in your life right now, but do you know WHY things got the way they did? If you understand WHY something is happening then it’s so much easier TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The most important thing though is that the website MAKES YOU THINK: “HOW did I get this answer?” “WHY did I get this answer?” “This is the WRONG answer!” But IS the answer really wrong, or just your understanding? Answers then also need YOUR HELP, but this is PART OF THE PROCESS since it creates a NEW WAY OF THINKING that always leads to a MUCH BETTER UNDERSTANDING of a problem.

When you want to ask a question then you need to find A QUIET PLACE WHERE YOU WON’T BE DISTURBED. Then make sure you’re CALM……..if you’re STRESSED then your mind SHORT CURCUITS and you can’t MAKE A GOOD CONNECTION with the real “YOU” - your INNER VOICE - the real person behind the mask we so often wear in life. So if you need to, then sit quietly for a few minutes, taking SLOW, DEEP BREATHS until you feel a bit calmer.

NEVER ask a question if you’ve been drinking alcohol or are HIGH ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN “LIFE” as you need to keep your MIND CLEAR. Life is often CRAZY - so many things going on - and your poor mind ends up like the SPIN CYCLE in a washing machine: round and round it goes and what comes out? CONFUSION, STRESS and all the CRAZINESS that didn’t wash out properly. Don’t add to the problem by FOGGING UP YOUR BRAIN so you can’t CONCENTRATE PROPERLY on your question. FOCUS like the question is the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD and maybe it just IS. The answer could even change your life. It happens.

So with a calm and clear mind and NOBODY POUNDING ON THE BEDROOM DOOR wondering what the hell you’re doing inside, you can NOW ASK A QUESTION…..