Start fighting back!



What’s important here is not the bad situation but your attitude to it. Like, how you feel is how things will go. It’s kind’ve like a test. How strong are you - are you determined enough, finally, to break free? You must!

Remember the camel who’s back was broken by just one single straw? One little straw - one stupid word, a bad look - whatever! You’ve had enough and it’s time now to start fighting back! Your choice. This is the time when the determined get separated from the weak willed. Which are you? You want to continue being a victim or are you going to change things - not just for the better but REALLY way better?

There are a lot of people who go through their lives thinking that there’s nothing much they can do but just accept what fate throws their way. Victims of this strange force they call fate, they curse their bad luck and wonder what they’ve done to decerve it. Is that you? Shouldn’t be. Listen, luck has nothing to do with anything. Things happen and they are influenced by your state of mind - how you feel about yourself and life in general.

Ask yourself an honest question: What do you want now? Like REALLY want! Be honest and don’t dream. This is the time now for TRUTH.

When you are quite SURE of what you want then start getting it. Just like that! That simple? It’s like planting a seed. Planting it is easy, but seeds need looking after until they grow big and strong. Get it? Fix in your mind a new positive image of who you are and where you’re going and KEEP IT THERE! Never let that thought go and then.......be easy on yourself. SMILE. Always remember that a negative state of mind attracts bad things like metal to a magnet.

Of course you don’t want to just relax and think: OK, done that and then wait for good things to happen. Progresss is step by step, but each step from now on is in the right direction. You CAN do it and judging from your question then you probably will!

Think things are bad? Depressed perhaps….DOWN. So many things going wrong in your life? Don’t go there – REFUSE! Remember that negative thoughts bring on negative actions just as rust, if you let it, is attracted to metal Simple as that.

You’ve got to look INSIDE – that’s where your problems are: your MIND is out of balance and until you set it right you can’t expect things to change. Unfair? Listen, sweet words won’t help you. Things are as things are, but you CAN change things and you MUST. Question is then: are you prepared to start being much more positive in your life? You need to do that!

Be patient though. CHILL. Just because your attitude changes from hopeless to: hey, things are getting way better in my life, you can’t expect overnight miracles. Plant the seed. Yes, DO THAT, but don’t just stand there waiting to see it flower. Instead of wasting time watching the seed grow, take the opportunity to get to know yourself better and then – just like an Olympic athlete trains every day – practice cleaning out all the bad stuff inside your mind.

THEN, where are you going? Do you know? Do you have a plan? You need one. Be calm, focused and confident and decide in STRENGTH. Yes, THIS is what I’m going to do now and I’m going to SUCCEED! Just deciding that you want to ESCAPE isn’t nearly good enough……like where, how, when…so many things. Start planning.

Be careful of those that will offer you “good” advice because it may not be good at all. Trust your instincts. This is YOUR JOURNEY not theirs! Go for it. You may have to start that journey alone and would welcome some good help and it’s just not there, but don’t worry. Push ahead knowing that you ARE moving in the right direction now and know that help WILL come. Trust in that. BELIEVE.

Sure, you might say, I understand this answer but so many things turned out bad for me before…..and this time…..the same thing allover again? FORGET the past! It’s OVER, gone……GOOD RIDDANCE. We are talking about NOW and things have changed. FEAR is your greatest enemy. DEFEAT IT NOW! It’s
The fall of your coins generated an additional answer which concerns itself more to the circumstances surrounding the question you asked: it may be a development of events in the future or just an added comment that it is felt that you need to consider concerning the background to the situation you currently find yourself in.

Stress, worry, TENSION and fear! Sometimes it feels like you could EXPLODE with ANXIETY. But that’s CRAZY and has to STOP. What are you DOING in your life? You have a CHOICE you know and don’t have to accept this situation at all. Sounds like a BAD ANSWER right? It’s NOT because it may wake you up to A MUCH BETTER DIRECTION.

PEACE OF MIND is kind’ve hard to find in this world of ours so how to find it? You need to shift your ATTENTION away from what’s going on around you….ESCAPE from it, don’t give it IMPORTANCE. Turn your back on it. Not so easy right? Wrong! The most IMPORTANT thing is to start a dialog with your INNER-SELF - your REAL SELF - and forget all about what others are saying and doing because this is YOUR CONVERSATION, not theirs! No distractions, worrying about your IMAGE or how you may look to others. This isn’t about THEM, it’s about YOU.

Life isn’t easy - everybody rushing about trying to be BETTER than others, more SUCCESSFUL, better looking, with more friends, more money, more FUN. But this isn’t a REAL LIFE but a game we play - a mask we wear. UNDERSTAND THAT and start to discover what life is REALLY about or else you just EXIST NOT LIVE.

If you’ve never heard of the process then start to learn about MEDITATION - how it will clean your mind of all the stress, worry and fear that hang out with us daily. You exercise for your body and you meditate for your mind. Simple as that. It isn’t some stupid New Age thing at all - just a technique for the mind; the same as sit ups to flatten your stomach.

We are always trying to live up to a FALSE IMAGE of what we are told is THE RIGHT WAY, but often it isn’t at all. The process starts almost from birth and we are prodded and pulled into a process of often becoming who we are NOT. So it goes - a continual attempt to keep up with a totally artificial image that society has created for us of BEING A SUCCESS. And if lose this battle? If we don’t live up to the IMAGE we are told that we should have? You know the answer to that of course!

But REAL success has nothing to do with how you look, how many friends and admirers you have and if you live in a big house, it’s about REALIZING WHO WE REALLY ARE and how we fit in to the bigger picture - how ALL of us are CONNECTED: brown, black, white, gay, straight, beautiful and not so good looking. Fat, thin, super intelligent or just average. We are all parts of the HUMAN JIGSAW and it’s the BIG PICTURE that’s important: how we all fit together in HARMONY.

New apps, cool headphones, this great movie or new super smart phone are NOT what life is about at all. Sure they’re tempting, but they are so often DISTRACTIONS that keep you from discovering yourself as you really are deep inside you - behind your mask. It’s time for you to make a DECISION now. What do you want - more of the same kind of life, or a NEW OPPORTINITY that leaves the CRAZINESS behind? That’s your choice. Choose wisely.

What’s going on around you in the world? So much and a lot of it isn’t good…bad in fact. Remember that everything that happens will eventually affect YOU, so be aware of changes that need to be made. And you are just as important as anyone else alive today! Think about that.

Why do we look for answers to our problems when we really know the ANSWER? Do you believe that? It’s like we’re so busy coping with things that we block out the answers. But they ARE there – deep inside us.

Let’s face it, life is confusing. Bit like being stuck in a maze and unsure what’s hiding ‘round the next corner. Did you go this way before? Are you just repeating things? Have to start again…but STILL GET LOST! So frustrating.

You asked a question and got a direct answer, but did you really NEED to ask the question? You don’t trust your instincts perhaps and IGNORE the person you REALLY ARE. Who’s that? For sure not the person you think you are at all but your TRUE SELF: the person that waits to meet you – your INNER SELF.

So often in life we deceive ourselves and concentrate on a ME, MY, MINE point of view – a self centered attitude that keeps us from making the right decisions in life. That’s why we keep making big mistakes and drown out that voice that tries to make itself heard above all the NOISE around you.

And then, apart from the spotlight on YOU and your problems in life, there’s FACEBOOK pages to update, people to unfriend perhaps or TWEETS to send. So many distractions. No wonder we can’t hear that inner voice of ours!

If a plant is mostly separated from it’s roots then what happens? Well, it ain’t going to do well, that’s for sure! It has to struggle to get the nourishment that it needs of course. And do you often feel that life is a bit of a struggle? It doesn’t have to be. LOOK INWARD and connect with the real you. Do this and you’ll be amazed at the NEW POSSIBILITIES that open up in your life. So much of what we do and even think is based on false expectations and people that say one things, then do another. CONNECT WITH THE REAL YOU. TRUST IN THAT PERSON.

“You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistake but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.”
Johnny Cash: American country singer.

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