1. That the website won’t cooperate because you already KNEW the answer and therefore didn’t need to ask a question in the first place. NOT GOOD. Remember: you won’t get the right answer UNLESS IT’S IMPORTANT that you get it.

2. You were just PLAYING AROUND. This isn’t a game but an AMAZING OPPRTUNITY to meet another YOU that’s much WISER - who understands so much more and HAS the answers that you need. So it’s no good trying to come up with “questions” like it was a GAME. It isn’t. If you have a SERIOUS question then ASKS it seriously.

3. That your mind was STRESSED OUT at the time. CALM DOWN before asking a question or otherwise you won’t be able to get a clear CHANNEL OF COMMUNICATION.

4. That the answer is CORRECT, but you just can’t see that right now. Keep the answer in your head for a bit and you may suddenly realize - even after a few days - that YES, OF COURSE…….NOW I SEE. Sometimes you ask a question but in the back of your mind YOU WERE THINKING OF SOMETHING ELSE. What the website did was to give you an answer concerning this BACKGROUND THOUGHT and it did that because it was the CAUSE of your problem now. It’s like you asked about how to SOLVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND but were given an answer about how the problem started in the first place - perhaps SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT BEFORE. In this way you can then more easily solve the problem. Get it? You have to USE this website…you can’t just stand back and let it do all the work. YOU HAVE TO HELP TOO. If you can’t lift a HEAVY LOAD, you ask for help right? But when that help comes you don’t just stand there and DO NOTHING. This is a TEAM EFFORT.

5. If you don’t like the answer you are given, there’s always the temptation to ask again and then even again, in the HOPE THAT YOU’LL GET AN ANSWER THAT YOU LIKE BETTER. That’s a total WASTE OF TIME. But of course things change, so if you asked the same question after a few weeks then you could easily GET A DIFFERENT ANSWER because the CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGED.

6. The more you use this website then THE BETTER THE CONNECTION. It’s a bit like LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE: at first you speak SLOWLY, but after a while you IMPROVE and then, when you become FLUENT, you find that you can START TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES. It is then that you really START TO UNDERSTAND THE REAL MEANING IN YOUR ANSWERS. It will almost be as though the website is “ALIVE”. Perhaps it is? Or is it YOU that is becoming “ALIVE” and that you are then UNDERSTANDING who you REALLY ARE better?